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Precast Concrete Slabs

Precast slabs constitute form work and ensure the strength of your building’s floor. They must therefore be ready to adapt to all architectural demands. Precast slabs are a fundamental component of your structure.

We designed the precast slab as a model of innovation and cutting-edge engineering: available in a range of thicknesses and configurable to all construction formats, Global Precast’s made-to-measure prefabricated precast slabs in reinforced concrete offer unique advantages compared to a classic precast slab in prestressed concrete.

Because it’s your building’s first and best ally.

Under the surface slab, a precast slab is essential to guarantee the strength and resistance of your structure. With the use of pioneering technologies, our design studios have risen to the challenge by creating the ideal solution for your construction project: a versatile precast slab of unrivaled toughness, and above all, ready to use.

Whatever the terrain. Whatever the dimensions

Precast Concrete Slabs are 150mm thick 900mm width height is up to 7.5 meters.

We customize height according to the design of the house.